Administrator How-To Guide
How-To Introduction Print E-mail

The Administrator How-To Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to navigate Joomla! and utilize the administrator features to maintain your web site.

How-To: the Article Manager Print E-mail

Most content is found under the "Content" menu, sub-menu "Article Manager". To locate a particular article, notice the columns specifying the Section and Category. These are the default sort order of the articles listed, so knowing which section and category contains the content you wish to update assists with locating the article. Sections relate to the menu which links to the page while each category is associated with the link to the main page.

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How-To Insert/Edit Images Print E-mail

The steps for inserting, replacing, or updating an image are detailed here.

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How-To Edit Content Print E-mail

To edit an article, locate the article in the Article Manager found in the Content menu using the Section and Category columns which relate to the menu and link, then click on the Title. You can also check the box to the left, then click on the Edit icon at the top.

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How-To Insert/Edit Hypertext Links Print E-mail

The How-To of adding or updating links within your site content is described here.

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How-To Copy External Content Print E-mail

Many Centers already have a web site, and the content can be copied. Others may find it a little easier to create content using MicroSoft Word or another editor. There are tools built into the Article editor which make it easy to copy this content and still maintain the site style standards.

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How-To Use Sub-Heading Styles Print E-mail

Certain formats have been predefined for your use when editing articles. The most common use is to define how a sub-heading will display.

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How-To Order Page Content Print E-mail

The basic CSL site as installed has most page content saved in a single article. For ease of management, the content can be split into multiple articles. The ordering for these articles is normally specified on the "Article Manager", unless they are on the Home page, then the ordering must be specified in the "Front Page Manager". The column labeled "Order" is used to adjust positioning.

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How-To (Advanced): Intro and Full Content Print E-mail

You probably have noticed that these Admin How-To Guides show an introduction, and a read-more link, then show the whole article after clicking on the read-more link.

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How-To (Advanced) HTML Print E-mail

Knowledgable WebMasters may wish to access the html code directly.

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How-To: Calendar - Event List Print E-mail

Steps for defining events in Event List are detailed here.

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How-To: Calendar - JCal Pro Print E-mail

Steps for defining events within JCal Pro are described here.

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How-To: Work with Forms Print E-mail

All forms are created and maintained within a special component that handles sending a filled-out for via email. This component is named ChronoForms, found in your administrator site under the menu:
Components -> ChronoForms -> Forms Management.

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How-To of Electronic Mailings Print E-mail

For Centers with a distribution list up to 300 email addresses, a component for sending eNewsletters and announcements has been included.

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How-To Update the Site Map Print E-mail

The sitemap comes already customized, but if you make extensive updates, especially to menus, you may wish to also update the sitemap.

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How-To: Add/Update an RE Listing Print E-mail

For Real Estate agents, the listings are probably the most important aspect. Initially, this system is utilizing the built-in features by creating an article for each property listed. These can then be put into the appropriate category: featured, for sale, and for lease. Following are step-by-step instructions for creating a new listing. This will also be helpful if you desire to update a listing.

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How-To: Create New Userids Print E-mail

It is recommended to create an id for each individual who will be maintaining, updating, or adding content to your site.

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How-To: Remove an Article? Print E-mail

To completely remove an Article, select the Articles that you want to delete and move them to the Trash. Next, open the Article Trash in the Content Menu and select the Articles you want to delete. After deleting an Article, it is no longer available as it has been deleted from the database and it is not possible to undo this operation.

Alternatively, to remove an article from displaying to the public, you can unpublish the article. It will still be in the list of articles, and you can re-publish it, or modify it as needed. To unpublishe an article, open the Article Manager, locate the article, and then click the green check-mark on that row. The check-mark will change to red "X" to indicate it is unpublished.


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