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How-To: Introduction to Site Customization Print E-mail

This Site Customization Guide provides step-by-step instructions on each item within the system definition which must be updated before your site goes live.

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How-To: Content Organization Print E-mail

Most of the site content is defined in the Article Manager. Articles are stored into a Section and Category. The Sections and Categories are groups by either the menu containing the link to the content, or by the type of special content. The sections and categories are:

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How-To: Site Pages Print E-mail

Most every page will need to be updated with content specific to your business. If you choose, Creative Illuminations Web Services can assist with this update, with additional charges being incurred at our hourly rate.

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How-To: Site Images Print E-mail

How to prepare and insert images is described here.

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How-To: Contact Forms Print E-mail

Contact forms are used on the Contact Us page, and also can be used for each agent listed. Most of the forms you will need have already had templates created. You must update these to meet your needs, or the messages will be lost to invalid e-mail addresses.

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How-To: Site Footer Print E-mail

To change the footer text, open the article titled "Footer" for editing, and modify as appropriate. This is found in the Section/Category of "Positioned Content/Footer". As part of the licensing agreement, you are required to keep the reference to "Creative Illuminations Web Services", including the link to our site.

How-To: Header Information Print E-mail

To update the Header Information listed in the heading area of every page, simply edit the document titled Header Information in the Article Manager, or click here. View instructions for editing an article.

Note: Depending on your site design style, this might be omitted.

How-To: Setup Google Maps

A special module is included to displaymaps using the Google Maps functionality. You will need to obtain a "key" from Google Maps which is tied to your site's domain name.

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